Small bathrooms always represent a unique remodeling challenge. Choosing the wrong fixtures can you leave you with a cramped area that is difficult to navigate and doesn’t make good use of the space available. If your current small bathroom is outdated, too crowded, or just all-around needs a redo, here are some tips to help with your small bathroom makeover.

Small Bathroom Fixtures

Placement of the fixtures is key: ill-placed fixtures can reduce usability and make the space appear smaller.

A wall mounted sink can save space by helping to create the appearance of a larger washroom.  Pedestal sinks are your second best bet.


Image sourced from American Standard

A Japanese soaking tub is shorter than a traditional bathtub but also deeper. This makes better use of space and the deepness of the tub means you can still get an adequate soaking without having to sprawl out length-wise.

Keep it Simple

Minimalism is key for a bright, clean small bathroom. Try to cabinetry that minimizes bulk but maximizes storage space. Clutter will only make a small bathroom look smaller.


Image sourced from American Standard

Some shower doors, especially frosted ones, can make a bathroom look smaller than it is. Consider choosing clear doors or shower curtains to give your washroom a more spacious appearance.

Choose minimalistic lighting fixtures (or go with recessed lighting) that throw a lot of light. A bright bathroom always appears larger.

Getting Colourful

In terms of colour, calming hues are perfect for bathrooms. However, if you choose a tub or shower that is an unusual colour, it’s important to make sure the colour of your walls and accessories meshes well with your fixtures.  Well-chosen colour contrast can add visual depth to your small bathroom.

A monochromatic colour scheme is perfect for making a small bathroom look larger. Cool colours tend to be calming and perfectly suited for a washroom. They, too, can create the feeling of more space.


Image sourced from American Standard

Washroom accessories should also be selected according to colour. Select one large rug in a neutral colour to create the illusion of more space. Avoid accessories with busy designs or clashing colours that can visually shrink or distract within the space. Choose a single art piece that adds interest to the room.

These are just a few tips for your small bathroom renovation project. Feel free to contact our bathroom experts with any questions you may have. We carry a full-line of bathroom fixtures and accessories and can install them for you with our signature one-day service on most projects! Find a location near you to get started.

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