As a homeowner, you deserve a bathroom that is truly the master of bathrooms. Is your existing master bathroom just not measuring up? If not, a master bathroom remodel or renovation may be in order. Here are some suggestions to help you achieve the bathroom experience you have always wanted.

Selecting Master Bathroom Fixtures

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Bathtub, shower, or both? Some of this comes down to individual preference and needs, but many homeowners and homebuyers do prefer either a tub-and-shower combo or a separate bath and shower in the master bathroom. Those with small children need to have a bathtub in the house.

Smaller bathtubs like Japanese soaking tubs are becoming popular because of their compact size and extra depth. These tubs are comfortable to relax and look great when combined with a modern shower.

Two sinks can be better than one. If you have the space and the budget, many couples like to have two sinks in the master bath. It certainly makes getting ready in the morning easier!

The fixtures you choose will be contingent on your home’s style and the space available in your bathroom. That said, if you are unsure, always air on the side of luxury. Of all the bathrooms in your home, it’s a good idea to partition a bit more of your budget for the master bath.

Remember, the master bath will see the most use of all your washrooms. A luxurious master bath is also a great way to increase your home’s value.

Master Bathroom Layout

5 Tips for a Master Bathroom RemodelIf you don’t have the budget for two sinks, consider going with extra counter space. This still adds a lot of functionality to the master bath and eases the task of having two people trying to get ready in the morning.

This was touched on previously but it’s such an important point it deserves repeating. Choose the size of your bathtub and/or shower size carefully! Too large of fixtures can waste space and ruin the look of your master bathroom, while too small of fixtures can look silly in a big space and be less comfortable to use.

A tub can function as the focal point of the room if you are choosing a higher-end tub design. A well-chosen tub can set the whole design direction of the master bathroom. The same is true for a shower if you decide to go that route.

Mastering Bathroom Accessories

5 Tips for renovating a Master Bathroom

Make your budget count. On a limited budget it’s better to buy a few quality pieces that will act as the statement pieces for your master bath. Examples include a high-end bathroom vanity, cupboard or shelving unit. A statement piece can impress prospective homebuyers if you ever decide to sell your home. Buyers tend to remember a signature item but forget smaller details.

Consider purchasing a towel warmer; nothing beats the feeling of warm towels against your skin after a nice shower or bath. Be bold when accessorizing your master bathroom. If you have the space and high enough ceilings, consider an overhead lighting fixture. For example, smaller chandeliers above bathtubs have become popular in recent years and impart a feeling of glamour over your washroom.

Ready to start rejuvenating your master bathroom? Find a location near you. We’d be glad to help with choosing fixtures and finding accessories for your project. We can renovate many master bathrooms in one-day!