Step into a new, modern bathtub

Ultimate Bath Systems makes your bathroom renovation painless with our one-day installation service.

Slow drains, mold, mildew and discolouration are all common issues that affect bathtubs. Some of our competitors stress that re-glazing your existing bathtub is the best and most cost-effective option to deal with these issues. However, this is simply not the case. Bathroom remodelling services from Ultimate Bath Systems are more affordable than you think. In fact, a new bathtub from Ultimate Bath Systems often costs little more than the re-glazing service that some of our competitors offer.

When you hire our bathroom remodelling company to upgrade or update your bathroom, you can be sure that you’ll be completely satisfied with your bathroom renovation once it’s complete. We offer a wide range of bathroom products that will satisfy all tastes and includes things like walk-in tubs, shower bases, tub and shower doors, plus an incredible selection of bathroom accessories to perfectly finish off your bathtub remodel.

Get a free home estimate

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    First, we remove your existing bathtub to inspect the area before readying it for the bathroom remodel, allowing us to get a clear picture of any potential problems that may exist in the bathroom.

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    We ready the bathroom for the fresh bathtub installation by repairing any issues such as mildew, mold or improper drainage, while replacing the old drywall located behind your bathtub.

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    Next, our team will install your new bathtub, drain, overflow and P-trap as well as new drywall around the tub. We use acrylic bathtubs in various sizes in each bathroom remodel to suit your personal needs.

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    Finally, the bathroom remodeling team installs your new acrylic wall surround which is the finishing touch. Our process ensures that your new bathroom renovation will remain beautiful for years to come. Time to lay back, relax, and enjoy your new tub!

Benefits of Bath Remodelling

  • Modern Aesthetic
    Modern Aesthetic

    New bathtubs are designed with both style and comfort in mind.

  • Safe & Reliable
    Safe & Reliable

    Specialty units like our walk-in bathtubs feature the peace of mind you have been waiting for.

  • Cost Effective
    Cost Effective

    We can help you choose the bathtub that fits your needs and your budget. In-home estimates for bathroom remodels are always free and non-binding.

  • Quality Service
    Quality Service

    Our professional renovation team can complete the majority of jobs within one day and will clean up after your bathroom renovation is complete.

    We were really impressed with how careful and clean and neat the installers were. The soaker bathtub is wonderful! We love the corner shelves that you can put anywhere. This is the best decision we’ve ever made!
    Ken and Francine H.