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Classic Acrylic

The Classic Acrylic Wall Systems have three different options in a pristine white colour that maintains its sheen and shine for years to come. Smooth White, Subway and 8″x10″ offer a elegant, clean and minimal addition to your bathroom.

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Classic Acrylic Styles


Classic Acrylic Systems


Froggwall Systems come in different patterns and textures making for a statement piece in your bathroom. Created in the likeness of natural finishes such as Marble and Wood-Grain, while others are offered in new and original finishes such as Concrete. These walls are rich in style, personality and give a bold look to increase the value of any home.

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Froggwall Patterns 


Froggwall Systems


The latest addition are the Gruvwall Systems. The perfect balance between the Classic Acrylic & Froggwall Systems. Gruvwall offers a colorfast imitation grout in different faux tile options.

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Grüvwall Patterns


Grüvwall Systems