Upgrade Your Bathroom Remodel With Tub & Shower Ceiling Panels

Built to protect your ceiling from harmful moisture buildups

Rising humidity is an inevitable danger to any unprotected bathroom or shower ceiling. Luckily, you can keep your bathroom ceiling clean and free from water damage by installing tub and ceiling shower panels. Tiling a shower ceiling is a difficult task, so let the bathroom renovation experts do the work for you! Our ceiling panels are typically easier to clean because they’re less porous than natural tile and won’t leave large grout lines.

Tub & Shower Ceiling Panels Features


Mould Resistant & Easy to Clean


Prevents Water Damage


No Need to Paint


Non Porous

Compatible with Ceiling Showerheads

Rainshowers or other ceiling showerheads can be seamlessly installed into ceiling panels. Ceiling panels provide a seamless look with any showerhead, and blends with shower wall surroundings for a clean design for easy maintenance.

Made to Match any Bath Design

Designed to match your tub and shower wall surrounds, which will also protect your bathroom from mould and grout. Available design options include:

  • Ultraline: Tavertine, Granite, and Marble
  • Subway Acrylic
  • 8x 10 Acrylic
  • Smooth Acrylic
  • Flat white, celestial marble Acrylic
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