Enhance Bathtub Accessibility Without a Complete Overhaul

Install a leak-proof walk-through door into the side of your existing bathtub

Your new bathtub door will allow you the freedom to step into your tub closer to floor level, rather than risking a dangerous fall with the traditional bathtub ledge. Complete this safety-enhancing bathroom remodel with two brand new, strategically placed textured grab bars for additional safety measures.

Walk-Through Tub Benefits


Cost-Effective Solution


Addresses Safety Concerns for Seniors


Designed to Assist Those with Disabilities


Available to Install on your Current Bathtub

Walk-in Bathtubs and Showers

Choose from our selection of high-quality, accessible walk-in tub and shower products.


Water-tight Door Seal

Water-tight door seal designed to be leak-proof with a life-time warranty.

Acrylic Walk-in Tub

Perfect Fit Frame Design

Durable door frame design with optional extension panels for a perfect fit in any bathroom setting.

Low Threshold Walk-in Tubs

Quality Door Handles

Stainless steel door handle systems make it easy to open and close your walk-through tub door.


Custom Door Hinges

The door is hinged on either the right or left side to allow for greater accessibility.

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