Bathroom Renovation Products London, ON

At Ultimate Bath Systems of London, we pride ourselves on our original and innovative approach to modern bath area remodeling.

Most acrylic bathroom renovation companies promote bathtub liners. A bathtub liner is simply an acrylic shell that is custom fit to an existing bathtub, and then installed over it. This is supposed to give the customer the look and feel of a brand new bathtub, without “all the hassle” of traditional bathtub replacement. On the contrary to popular belief, bathtubs take no more time or money than liners do.

Most contactors promote ceramic tiles. This process is not only costly, but time consuming. Although some customers are looking for the traditional tile look, tiles can be simulated with sheets of vinyl, acrylic and several other types of plastics. This eliminates grout, which needs to be re-sealed every two months and is very difficult to keep clean.

At Ultimate Bath Systems, we do not limit our services to just one of these methods. We have the widest range of products and services on the market. From brand new bathtubs to tub-to-shower conversions or acrylic sheets to unique tile borders, we do it all!

You can see our bathroom renovation accessories below:



Along with our large selection of patterns, colours and textures, we carry acrylic accessories to dress up your bath walls! These very capable shelves and units make a sharp addition to all of our wall systems!



We carry a wide array of acrylic, poly vinyl and cultured marble products for countertops and shower bases. Our scratch, chip and fade resistant materials are guaranteed to satisfy any lifestyle.


Tiles and Borders

Want to add a little flare to your bath area? Have a look at some of the borders we can install. From glass subway tiles to marble designs, personalizing is a breeze!


Bathtubs, Liners and Shower Bases

Whether you’re looking to replace your bathtub or shower, we have several tubs liners and bases to choose from. Find out more before you do your renovation.